Spirituality and Religion are a source of inspiration for me. Many of my pieces, including my Bosch piece embrace the quest for true knowledge. Is there a God? And if there is a God, what was his plan for us?


String Theory and the Hand of God

This piece embodies the question we all have -- is God real? Or is it just a promise we hold in our hearts that we have an afterlife. Here Einstein and Stephen Hawkins represent Science where God doesn't exist and evolution is not God-related versus the Hand of God where we as humans are driven by God and we are strung from him like a puppet from heaven. In the background are the drawings of Hawkins and Einstein as well as brain scans. The universe and its many mysteries are immersed in the work. The Hand of God might just be a female which is an intriguing thought. Leonardo da Vinci, a genius of our time, represents the human.


Ascent Into Heaven (Bosch Inspired)

Inspired by Bosch, all the levels of Hell, Purgatory and the promise of Heaven 

are represented here in extreme symbolistic form.